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Who are we?

We are a group of women who believe in the infallibility of the Bible. Our focus is on God’s Word, and on how to apply it to our lives.

We are a group of women of faith rooted in Christ who strive for excellence in our homes , careers and in the church like the virtuous woman in Prov 31.

We are a group given to serve and to be concerned primarily about the women in our congregation, but are also given to accomplishing the biblical command of love and hospitality to other groups in the Church and to those in the community because our Christian faith needs to be relational.

Our objective We hope to empower and encourage one another, learning from and about each other and supporting one another through prayer and fellowship. This we do through various events and activities organised throughout the year. So that we can become true friends and sisters in the Lord according to Heb 10: 24 & 25

We are not only a group in this church but also a outreach ministry that sees to the welfare of those outside our Christian community


To promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our daily lives, our words our actions and everywhere we go.
To pray for the church; for more of the power/grace of God, for growth and for our members to remain in the faith till Jesus comes
To progress together in life and destiny not leaving anyone behind but all of us being fulfilled in life and our various ministries. All with the help of the Holy Spirit.
To minister to those in our community that need both physical and emotional support.


We meet every other month after Sunday service.

We host and annual Women Prayer Retreat in July.

We invite ministers to speak to us on various issues like health, parenting and spiritual growth.

We attend the annual RCCG National GoodWomen conference in London.

We also attend the annual RCCG Oxfordshire Area GoodWomen conference.

Upcoming Events
VCO Couples Retreat 2022
VCO Praise Sunday
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Sunday Service:Chadwick Hall, Cheney SchoolGipsy Lane, Headington, Oxford, OX3 7QH

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