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Our Groups:

Nursery and Early Years (2yrs to 7yrs)
The younger children receive bible-based learning presented through story-telling, songs, rhymes and games, coloring and fun activities within a secure, warm and loving environment. Bible stories are taught in ways that engage and captivate their imagination. 

Children  (8yrs to 13yrs)
In this group, they are taught biblical principles and truths through role-play, games, word puzzles. We emphasize scripture and children are encouraged to pray and read their bibles daily and memorize bible verses. 

The Joshua Generation  (14yrs to 18yrs)
A more interactive and relational teaching is used for our Teenagers. They are encouraged to share their views and thoughts on real-life situations; led by the Holy Spirit, they are guided on ways to apply biblical principles to their lives.

At this stage of their Christian development, they are  encouraged to become more involved in the adult Church but within this group in which they identify with each other.  Adult mentor relationships are also encouraged to nurture them in biblical ways in all aspects of their lives which includes education, health, and making right choices.


1.    The Sunday School includes teaching about the Christian faith based on the Bible. It is open to all children from diverse racial and cultural groups, where everyone will be treated as an individual and with respect.

2.    The parent/guardian of each child who attends Sunday School should complete a Registration Form giving basic details and relevant medical background of their child, and are also responsible for informing leaders of any changes in details or medical history. The Sunday School will maintain a weekly Register of attendance.

3.    A First Aid box and Accident Book is kept on the premises (in the Hall where Sunday School takes place) and is available to all groups. In the event of an accident, the parent/guardian will be informed.

4.    In the event of a fire, the children will be taken out of the building by the leaders via the nearest fire exit to a safe area to wait for parents/guardians to join them. A Fire Drill will be undertaken once each quarter.

5.    Children are to be dropped and picked up by parents/guardians from the Children’s Church at the beginning and end of each Sunday School session.

6.    All current leaders have been vetted by the Church Pastor and have signed a Declaration Form, which is kept confidentially by the Church Office. All future leaders will also have to sign a Declaration Form and be approved by the Church Pastor.  The Church has a Safeguarding Policy and are registered with the
Churches Child Protection Advisory Service (CCPAS), who carry out our CRB checks and are available to advise on Safeguarding matters.

7.    Parents/guardians are reminded that all children are their responsibility, except during Sunday School sessions.

8.    Where Sunday School activities take place away from the Church premises, the parent/guardian will be asked to give written consent for the child to attend.

9.    Parents may be called as Volunteers/ Helpers in the Department when we are short staffed.

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